Friday, November 24, 2006


saturday - sunday(18-19 /11/2006)

in the morning wake up..still blur blur..then wash up..
then pack small clothing of bag go to malaysia
johor bahru liao!!
go there quite fast i guess
my bro was like complanning none stop..
i buy my things, do not want to buy stuff then stay at home larhs!!
we check into the hotel..and then eat stuff , sooo nice the food
malaysian food the best..
then when to the nearest shopping complex shop for some cheap cheap but nice clothing...
it was not as pleasant as i imagine it to be as i keep hearing the complaning of my bro..
then i oso stay one night there..
soo nice..
i tried finding that bag that i wanted but could not find it anywhere in johor so at last give up go bac singapore then buy..
bought protoguese chicken for sunday nite dinner..
it was delicious..
i oso get to eat the buffet for breakfast it was nice
but penang my favourite place where i grow up
there still nicer.


i was like very sleepy because never sleep..
then waited for my mum..planning not to sleep but at last still..
drop Right too sleep
then my mum had trouble getting me up..
i wan my beD!!XD
then at last wake up
go to pathlight for the trip..
when was like very..unfamilar as it was first time..
then at last i got two child
they are justin and shawn..
they are great..i juz put my heart into leading them.
in the end it went well..
we went to pasir ris park..
then meet new frenz from JCs..all veri nice ppl..
veri funny..they all..
then we even went rock climbing..
i made it all the way to the top..i did not fail ..
soo relieve..
at last the first day ended great!!


today wake up..then go for japanese class..
then brieftly knw them liao..juz revision..
after that..i go east coast park at the jetty
then all of the ppl there..having fun with kites and fishing rod
but most of them spoil in the end so was dissapointed
but then meet more new frenz..
then we even go cycling
i cycled the mini too byecicle..
with the path light was nice.
after soo long i get to ride on bike again.
then at last we went home..
today was still great no doubt got a big of problem..

then lets move on to the third day

go for japanese class again..
then head towards marichite reservoir..
when i reach there they have juz finish eating their food..and kayaking.
shit ..miss the free Macdonald meal..hahas.
but then we oso played water gun
play ..verii funn..till everyone..was wet..
all the volunteer were having super fun..
played it like for 1hr +
but at last we stop as the rain was getting very heavy..
we help covered the kids in their rain coat..
then bring them bac to school.

when reaching there..all my shirt were wet
from head to toe
thank my mum for getting a new slipper for me
as my shoe was broken and super muddy.
then we brought the children to bath...
the girls volunteer in my group said help out in the bois..but in the end all run they are all terrified XD
at last it was onli me and li-en who bath and get the kid bois ready..
most of them can baths the rest of them juz nid to teach them =]
then after was free period.
we talk a lot and laught a lot in our red group..
it was great...
get to knw each other more..
then help out in the preparation of the tables for the party nite.
as its ending today the sports camp.
it was like sad larhs..
then we had the food..
veri nice eat till very full
4 plates..
XD..i knw a lot..
thats y fat again..T.T
muz do more and more exercersie
then we oso watch the slide show..
it was special any meaningful..
at last we brought a photo and a fishing rod bac..
but how sad my face nt in there..
then li-en oso got thank by some parents..lols

the evaluation of this camp..

its a super duper great camp for the kids..
the kids are special..they are actually normal jus nid more attention
and they are somewhere difference..there are still many thing to learn from them..
it touches my hard to show how much they are preservering to do something even though they are not showing its hard
but its hard..
they look like its nothing but..i knw it take a really a great effort to make it.
it sort of warms my heart when i did something like that..
i did something for i make a difference in someone part of life.
as one of the teacher said..we all live short..y not try to touch someone life before u pass on..
help in anyway to those not as fortuanate. as we do..
it was realli nice and touching speech..

maybe i will help out more often with the kids..
because maybe God might wan me to be a helping hand to the kids.
in a way during this camp, i feel i grown together with the kids not physically but emotionally..
i become a totally difference person...
i like that feeling..maybe i might trust God this might be the path for me..
i feel contented for the day juz by helping this kids.
i can say the feeling is veri much better than the feeling of u winning the game..
as the games are all shortlived but the helping hands realli give a feeling that realli makes u alive..=]
soo to who reading this, try out working with kids who are unfornaute..this might work out for you..
sooo try it out!! and touch lives of others!!

today wake my i forget to do at night..
went right to sleep..
soo do then go the church basement for the raffles jC the japanese lesson
meet one of the volunteer..veri funny larhs..
the person thought i in JC ..
so honour since ppl tink i am older XD
anyway it was fun as they were games..then meet many new ppl along the way
they are nice bahs..
but some of them not that nice..
did till 1 pm
then talk talk..then at last go home..

today went to bugis with mum.
to get that BAG!! i wannted ..
veri me larhs.
then get some nice bread..
eat ajisen ramen.
one word ..suck
as when eating the ramen i thought i eating instant noodle and drinking soup for water..
not as good as the it mall. the quality they serving the customer
even the bread i bought taste nicer..heiish
then bought food for my bro..
bough a watch oso and some soveniors..for the trip

few days going to the trips
cannot wait liao..
hahas..soo exciteed..soo cool!!
hope i can learn as many japanese as i can..
like it !! love the words!!

hope Lord will oso help me with my rest of my subjects..
Help me Lord and i lay all my problems before you!!
THank you Lord for all the good stuff i receiving nw..

thats all for nw i guess
Take care to those reading this

signing off

12:51 AM

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

wed till fri..

relaxing and doing my drawing and etc...
nw a days dun knw y my body seems like cannot sleep too late or else auto shut down..=/
but then it seems ok i guess...soon go to Japan!!!
arghh!! still haven finish learning my Japanese T.T
lols..hope can talk and will not blur around=]
a lot of things happen but i dun wan to talk about it later affect me..XD

anyway i went to city harvest church larhs with MC , the church 10 times bigger than mine of course..the church even got the sound system bigger damn big..the way the telecast like it is a concert like that lols..
not used to it..but its cool larhs..
meet new people ..nice people..and oso meet the rest of the N242 gang..
it a changed larhs..but i can say it atleast better than the old cell group..hahas
the church service was in saturday, then the church oso pray in tongues a lot..
then have a interesting talk by that pastor..quite nice they way he talk..but
i admit larhs..some way along the way, i sort of nearly fall asleep but no worries..
i slap myself bac online =D
it ended a calm day for me..

then the next day pia..could not wake up..then keep get suan by my bro...
then at last go meet my mum in Bishan to pack food and buy gloceries
buy the reverseble mum said the Light jacket not right time for me to time grow taller and older onli wear
then got style..nw wear make me look extra extra OLD*
then went home, do my stuff..

next morning, it was a monday..
me and MC and plan to meet up to play the warcraft game..hehes
play till quite last still thinking of the game..
on the same day i oso go for my medical check up..
hemm..waited for my mum till i ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
but then at last after being dragged by my mum at last bounce out of bed..
heiish ma fan go the hospital soo far..
then there check up...oh shit i increase in weight maybe juz nw i eat and sleep make me fat again..oh noo!!..hahas
but still said ok in the end by Doc..
the next meeting is next year..aiyooh so old still in children section..
no mood..very down dun knw y..then go home..very long the journey..
at last reach home eat dinner and do my usual stuff.

the next day, go for the UG open games(tuesday)..waste time onli tis day go there ..never play anything one...heiish somemore sit there talk and talk by the higher rank..
was there to do the pull up..after sooo long still cannot pull my weight up..
heiish ..continuce training lorhs..ONE day i can do iT!! grrHs!!
wait and wait and wait till at last madam release us off..
go to J8 with my junior , see him eat and tok to him about the company since he wants to knw..then meet so school mate oso..say hies..
oso saw a thing called Haha crab..something like Hermit crab but this u rare yourself one..interesting..

bought the last death note Note book that one got all the stuff and oso got the name written identical to the show or the movie i guess..
nice larhs!!
then go home..

it soo damn bad larh ...WTF the higher rank wan to conduct training next coming friday, lols..i soo not planing to go lorhs i got japanese class
VERI important * later there got trouble toking soo muz goo!!soo nCC nexT!!!Hahas..
then got attitude from my shit me ur attitude juz because u better than me in ncc SOO WAT!!thank God i did not slap u and bitch slap u bac to where u was created lorhs...its like so damn bad larhs..ask something onli wat..then said like i make u like that..i tear u limp from limp !!!=X

anyway at last me and mC cannot wait any longer soo we go to the Amk, Toa payoh and funan IT go get warcraft battle chest ...the game soo popular till no stock or sold out..
go funan IT the whole complex close early..heiish..
then at last me and MC go eat Ajisen RAMEN!!

veri nice the Ramen..even though i tink its a bit XX its worth it as the ramen is super A grade...
i get to draw how miso char siew ramen taste like!! juz like Naruto ..sooo good!!=P
MC eat the crayfish and two soft shell crab...veri nice the shell crab..
at last finish eating Full Full
next time save money again to eat..veri nice..

then MC gave me money to get the game while he away in China..
soo lucky go china get stuff..later all cheap good then he knw..FAKE!! XD
faster FASter next week..then next week then fly off to Miyazaki!!
i hope i can get the game soon as possible...=]
heiish mC..go no one to talk to liao..lols..hope while he got some nice thing happen...

thats all for now..cyas!!

signing off

1:46 AM

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tuesday, 7 november 2006

woke up late..=.=
my body aching a bit..then talk to MC...a bit..
at last decided to ask him watch the death note show again because he said i left
him and never go with him to watch
went to Bishan to watch
and also applied Mos burger job at the novena outlet..
watch the show..quite ok larhs..but a bit bored because watch already..
but still like iT!!! hahas..

then after movie buy the snack for my bro.. muz save money for that coat i saw lorhs ..
$106 dollars XXXXX
still got time, so can one...GAMBATEH!!!
the coat is veri nice lorhs..
anyway after that went home..

Dinner time , then eat eat..
dun knw y..yesterday my stomach bloated like siao..T.T
heiish..keep eating so much cannot stop...=/
watch PCK show veri funny...
do a bit of work..
then got oso got a bit of misunderstand..heiish..part of life i guess..
soon going to midnight i was about to do my push up then suddenly KRoot*
my pain!!!
then do big bussiness sooo many time 5 times T.T
aiyooh so tired, liao..heiish..
die larhs hope stop lehs i realli cannot handle it liao..hahas
then at last sleep till next morning..
means i still own MORE PUSH UP!! GRR!!!

wednesday, 8 november 2006

today wake up veri veri early....bomb again..hope last time.hehes
but then at last sleep again so tired..
wake up at last close to 12..whole body sore like siao..
heiish..still do morning routine..but like no energy sia..
shit find it hard to my routine..
then after at lunch go eat with my bro..onli can eat clear clear soup based food..
went home after that, on the way oso discussing to buy the new mp3 player..
but nid to pay my mum by installment..
at last here i am...typing my blog..

i hope i do not fall sick or get stomach ache lehs..i wan to have fun..if i have that arh ..can die liaos..
but if i get it during end of year camp for ncc..oso good no nid to go...then no nid to go headache..damn the end of year camp..all shit one!!!

thats all for now..=]

signing off

3:21 PM

Monday, November 06, 2006

its nw close to 12.30am , hello to all!!!=]

VERi veri VEri long time never type liao..soo type NOW!!

let see where we start arhs...
exams are over for me nw, got second in whole of NA..nw proceeding to express..
Thank God for Everything i in now but if i do better can get first =.="
but nevermind larhs, not important liao..sad thing is that Compassion is separate..
2 whole good and bad times...but no matter the ppl there will forever be frenz no matter which state i am in..=D
nw got to work hard already...heiish push!!push!! >..<
aiyoohs..hope next year can manage ...

anyway how can they cancel the chalet it was like the last time we all as a class lorhs!!!!heiish..say plan then in the end nothing.=/

that time go with albert , shaun and M.C got bowling in Safra and watch DOA..
the bowling i was like blessed by God..i was the best among the four!! unbelievable i got a X in first shoot lehs..rare right..
dun knw y now arhs..when i throw the ball seems so much lighter lehs..
soo nice...dun knw y veri nice when play time muz go bac there to play...
the DOA was nice for the fighting part, wahs wish i can fight like them...
damn cool the way they did the moves, Strong fighters!!!!! *.*
but the story line nid some tuning, most of the time i was like watching how they do the moves and counter moves...
IF i could do that ..whoever come at me die larhs...
SOOO at the end final conclusion..I MUZ GET STRONGER!!!!+(smarter oso larhs)
nid a lot of power and strength to do the moves..hehes.. (but lost tennis racket T.T)

the second movie and commenting is.......... DEATH NOTE!!!!!!

this lehs the story line to me is super nice..from anime somemore lehs..
cannot wait till catch part two of it ...its Killing..
even got the comic book for it..if time is possible i can actually start on a death note sketch book..
hemm what to draw arhs, muz do more Research on it..
Light the character, veri smart and cool..=]
if i have the death note book..i would also have done the same thing, but dun knw i would actually write the name of the ppl who goes against me..XD
the L fellow eat so much chocolate later his teeth break then he knw..=X

now lehs for NCC!!
nothing much happening during the holidays, still dun wan to get called bac for watever shit
anyway its going get harder from here, that higher rank said one lorhs...

check here check there ...GRR!!!buzz off!!!
if i can sail smoothly throught his onli nid final year camp..and hope can get that coporal rank..but then i juz want to be someone back stage guys but still got power larhs..hehes..
i damn piss out that time at the open house on saturday larhs..
i doing my job at that stupid open house, then not much bois since more choice then pull the girls..
then introducing them to ncc, then got invaded by GB girls, anyway i try drag them away from there larhs because i want to finish showing them NCC first mahs..and then they all can see the GB whatever mahs..but then 6 GB go and retaliated at me..
in the end get scolded from the sagent..say i flirting with them..Wat larhs..i doing my job!!
scold me infront of the GB somemore make me lose face..and threated me saying own her lot lots of pumping ..grr!!!
u tink ur Rank veri big i scared arhs...thank God i never lose myself to my other self..or else i would have beat you on the spot >:(
heiish..but that time still angry..soo go beat wall till my hand bleed a bit and blue black..then onli feel better..
keep thinking what i do if i lose myself, heiish i be in deep trouble..
i hope i will not be misunderstood again..
on that day, oso got shooting...ask miss Kee to let me off this but in the end still go..
shoot onli for one time and then the rest shot twice..
how come arhs?
but lucky still can shoot but my hand ache from the hitting the wall..

soo now is holiday larhs..
most of the time Drawing- muz practise draw better because next year taking art module..
then learning japanese, own self learning but target is end of school..hope can finish learning everything..Hahas..
i nw a days oso go to Gym work out..

now lehs swimming i have not swim like for 2 months liao...
since exam period i stopped..then nw my mum oso tell me to stop swimming as nw i going express muz be much much more study harder..
in a way i agree with my mum with this because if i do not make it true this i might not be able to achieved what i am hoping for...
i do not want to be like a future construction worker like what my brother said.=/
there nobody doing in my swimming i feel veri alone and sian larhs!!!
i now do not wat to do..totally lost for this subject...

so lately i also watching NARUTO!!!

i start drawing it also, not veri good larhs..but hope whoever see it like it ..hahas..
but there still alot of improvent to do..body and etc
a lot of characters to draw ...NIJITSU!!XD

THe character i like the best is ROCK LEE!!! GAMBATEH !!!
he like sooo strong and preservaration is so strong, wish i was like him...
he never let anything stop him..even though he cannot use other skills, he do his best in one skill taijitsu..
if will be cool larhs if i can do as much strong as him...but sometimes the way he faced something like me...
the obstacles that break us each time as time passes..
when can i get realli strong i ask myself..lols
rock Lee also like Sakura from the show..but he can never get her because she like sasuke but he still fight to protect her till he drops..
wish him luck bahs..maybe sent a letter to the creator to make a alternate story line that sakura and Rock Lee live happily ever after...hehes..XD
GOO!! Lee!! the youthness times will not wait for you!!(words from the show)

now traning land but hope i get stronger than before because next year hope the kendo ppl get the message and i go for audition ..
soo i can get in..hehes..if i get in , i going to train hard from the start like rock Lee(my model character oso)
hemm, trust in God he has plans for me..
soo Gambathe for me!!! WOOT!! WOOT!! TRAIN!!!!

i also planning to work to get extra pocket money for Japan trip and do some good work ...but still checking if i am do a not..
soo many things to do..
could not get the hotel job because they employ 16 years old soo i nid next year onli can work..
my uncle said ask my cousin to get me into the AMK macdonald...have not contact him..if possible i do not want to work at mac...soo still thinking
if i do good work lehs, if possible i try help out at my mother's school, the pathlight school..there they said having camps..

now oso leaving my hair to get long then once cut spike nice sia..lols..
anyway the japan trip to miyazaki 2006 its coming closer cannot wait ....
soo fun!!!
one more month onli so near..faster!!!!!!!
this time muz muz enjoy!!
hope will not get sabo to do the talking or presenting..paiiseh..
like last year...
there also be extra lesson provided by bunch of student from Raffles..
hope can learn new things..

nw let talk about sunday , 5/11/2006

i today late wake up, then by the time reach chruch veri veri late...
then later go and eat dinner with mum and bro
we buy gloceries and buy oso new belt because pants dropping..
then bac home relax and slack.....

last thing lehs..its that i am curoious larhs how come some ppl did not exercise , still have six pack i do sooo much still one big pack..WAA!!lols..
not fair lehs..but ONE DAY* i can make it six nice packs..hehes..

thats all i wan to said so far..=]
till next time..

take care alls!!

signing off

12:15 AM

Saturday, September 02, 2006


things have been quite shabby lately, i also not sure larhs >.<


woke up late as usual, quickly chiong to finish all my packing.then rush to school by cab as i was realli super late.then later meet up with the rest of the basic 2...
then we were given time to eat the breakfast.Lastly we proceed to the camp...

28/8/2006 till 29/8/2006(camp feast)

when we reach there we were split into groups. My group is group 2.Then i also saw charmaine, hafiz and some more old classmates from Canberra primary.lols..a lof of changes some of them.Then i got to know my sir group IC is SIR ARRon and SIR xing ren XP
anyway also during the this camp i make new frenz with joel,wayne,gan*,erm the rest of forget but many more ppl.
the activites were flying fox,paintball fight,rock climbing, archery and one more is something you like hook a line on top of a building then move down by walking down the wall.some of these activites quite scary and some quite strenous if u dun knw how to use its skill.
As for the food lehs, it is sooo nice!!!! can grow fat there sia. i eat so much in there
supper also got one cake one pizza bread.can even take second helping, got even MILO drink sia...
but the bad part lehs is the packing up of the room and the cleaning parts. by the way, the bathing ,is very crowded ,so many ppl trash one toilet...
ended this at the afternoon next day, my shoes are stinking ..hahas

then after that went back school, did some stuff with mY english oral ...
saw Mc and albert..then Mc gave me a big hug ..
after all this i went home..tired...

30/8/2006, wednesday

went school, got stuff do handle.all the teachers seems excited as the holiday was coming for did not end of well terms with mIss Lai..she got realli piss off sia..but then u see hor, this shows that she cannot control herself when in stress..sia..
all i wan is to tok to her onli mahs..piss off for waT!!..anyway also i knw u are stress because u are worried but no nid to put ur stress on me right...
today also go to fort factory, the WORKSHEETS!!!!!!...i copy from my frenz..aiyah dun like to copy..i wan to like finish up my worksheet then go read all the archives sia..but then hor no TIME...heiish..could have given us more time..
after that went bac school, pon my intesive training quite tired, then went out with Mc,mei and the rest of her gang..talking about that sotong albert...
then a heavy rain came...booms..then after that my bag also break then by the time i go home,i am drenched

31/8/2006, Thursday

celebrated teacher's day..then went back old school but then they did not allow me to go in..but dun knw y the other get to go inside.NOT FAIR.T.T..MY NASI LEMAK!!!
anyway then after that went to my uncle house..treat aunty Lita lunch..go Sun Plaza walk walk..after that went off home.thats all very boring..hahas

1/9/2006, Friday..

did my excersie as usual, then do the yellow ribbion project for ncc ...its was ok so far..but i still hate to put on that number 3 uniform..Bleahs..
anyway after went home usual..and also run 60 laps behind my block..but my target is length is 1 muz do 100 times..hahas

2/9/2006, Saturday

woke up early, but fell back to sleep..too tired ...wah shit quite late i wake up liao..
how arhs..wah liao cannot do excerise in water liao..because later tonight got to go BBQ with the swimmers...then i will make sure i can work out in the land one lorhs..anyway cya..thats all for nw

signing off

9:45 AM

Saturday, August 26, 2006


today MC join me in my excerise,lols.YEAH!!!!! U CAN DO IT!!!
MC going to be skinny and HANDSOME!! WOOT!!!XD
i am sure he did his best today, But i oso muz step up my game..lols..GET STRONGER!!!>..<
then after that went to Woodland bought some surveniors.
That night that sad sia..all the Japanese went back to Miyazaki.
all lot of people cry sia..lols..
dun cry lehs u all, u cry i see you all cry i oso cry..hahas T.T
hope we can all keep in contact.
then i go MC house to stay on that day oso..
very nice got air-con room BUT
that air-con onli get me a bit..aiyah i dun care, i sibei tired and feeling weird
GOOD NITE!!..lols


woke up at at 5.30am
then MC's mother so nice make me one cup of milo..THANkS
anyway quickly changed up then go to toa payoh to get a quick breakfast with MC.
then meet up with Albert then the rest of AJ gang...
today dun knw y..damn moody sia..cannot seems to smile.SO DAMN TIRED oso
study study study!!!
then later go for nCC intesive tired but then still manage to pull of that training.
went home, rest and do my stuffs.


as usual wake up and did my usual morning stuff.
Go to school, then start my day as usual lyk any other day..
then after did my feeliing a bit better.BUt still down...
then after that went home...saw some message from my frenz.
then go to swimming...
thats the end go the day i guess..
heiish muz preapare for my science test and maths..
muz do well for my exam sia...


today wake up as usual but this time go to yishun interchange..
no school but got that stupid ncc..KAYAKING!!!!!
but today dun knw y..realli no strength after i did the intesive training..
i fall in sick as i got fever...=.=*
then after the whole nCC shit thing ,i go meet up with mC
bought some new clothes which are very cheap.
i like the holister t-shirt but then the coat seems a bit small because of my wide body size...
so it means i got to train harder so damn i become size then can wear perfectly..
then tried to study but cannot get it into my head.


woke up early to jog 30 laps below my block and after that which lead to where i am nw
at my com typing my blog...listening to some Prince of tennis songs..lols
my dream to create a team..lols when will that day come...

its very near to my CC comunity swimming on the 16 september...
muz train hard sia..lols..heiish hope i will be good enough...
can't wait till the end of the year...but as for nw i muz WORK HARD!!!..
thats all for nw i guess

signing off

11:14 AM

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


tis time post we will write about ouR DEAR FRenz from Miyazaki, Sadawara Town...

it all started from friday,18/8/2006

they arrived at the school at 10am, they were veri nice then we brought them to the wild room.When we saw them, we was not sure what was going to happen seeing the look on their faces.We onli hope they are
then we brought them around the school.We were spilit in groups.i led the sec 1 around.
it was fun while it lasted but the most tedious part still comes from COMMUNICATION.

then we intro them through all the school, we got to knw them oso...
make the end they are actually very sweet* ppl..
the bois were oso..thought they may look weird, they are actually have a good heart.
then we had lunch with the japanese there at the wild room.
there was also the MIYAZAKI Japanese grape.that was certainly very SWEET XD
and very different from the singapore grapes.
SOoooooooooo much better.
it started from 2pm-7pm..hope both the host and guest start to get to knw each other better...

day 2 saturday 19/8/2006

came in the morning for the trip to science centre..they were all awaited there..
brought them around the science centre, it was quite hard oso as we were supposely juz show them in science centre and not able to explain to them what the experiment or the things about.Then we also brought them to that "Ride".it cost 4 bucks..but then hor
actually wan to bring them to see the big ominax theate.but it was too expensive.
by the way..the ride was so damn slow lorhs..sian sia..XD..
but the main thing is that the guest lyk it...SUGOII???????>.<

then we brought them to the MACDONALD for food + gift shop
we did manage to explain them about the gifts..
the most fascination they had was about the "shock pen" which we intro of course.
then by the end some of us was lyk Bankrupt.then we help each other up..
so in the end..all the things were fine..
i oso found out that my juniors was not so bad after all ...lols.
i wish i nid not to treat them so serious in nCC..if tis could go would be great.
then by the time we are done everything, we reach school at 3pm
dexter was also quite nice by the way...dun knw when suddenly dexter have become someone who is soo nice ..lols..

then i proceed for the CHURCH OF PRAISE Membership class..
In the end..i mistaken the time , i explain myself to the pastor conductiong class..
i still was told to take the certificate first then later i will then do a replacement class..
after that i went home i did not go swimming again!!! slacking,...Lord help me!!

ITS SUNDAY!!!(20/8/2006)

went to church in the morning..then receive my up minyenn ,grace,grace's mother and MC including their at sentosa.
though i did not go down and play much instead i was drawing happily..
but the main thing is that they were happily playing.
about my drawing..i still soo nid to improve some part got problem ...XD
then after that we go to the farewell party
on the way, we meet some unfornaute incidents...but in the end we manage to reach to a understanding.then MC oso manage to sit together with me for the party.

then it was fun as we were taking photos..all over....
justine was juz hilarious doing all the silly looks at the photos..
anyway IT WAS JUZ SOO FUN larhs.
if onli those who are there will knw wat i mean...lols
tis part lehs..i apologized to MC..for pang seh him..he go home alone instead hitch a ride to justine car.

then next day..monday,21/8/2006

we return to school pernormal..i hope everything will be fine.then we study pernormal with the japanese together with us till 2pm.then we procceed to the wild room, soo..i tink the main thing is that i have fun as much as i can bahs...
all good things will have a end...but in the end we will still got to go bac to our lives..heiish T.T
that time oso mei cried because her guest was saddening...yupp..
then it was also a change of plan..instead of juz sending them off we go with them to the hotel.we also brought them for shopping a short one..
but the place we go onli can see cannot buy.

then after that we brought the guest back to the hotel..then we went to SEOUL in Marina shopping centre.Then i tried asking mC to eat wit us..but with no despair..then in the end we were seperated again..heiish...
sometime i have been not decisive or keep making things that i can change along the if i did to anyone else i apologize again.
after that me,justine and Dexter went home together...
during in seoul, we became the cook and make sure the guest were done..then we eat....
anyway..the Guest are leaving singapore with the flight at 1am..
then i am going to there at 10pm..
heiish onli got last two hours witht them since they got to check in at 12am.
1 hr before the start of the flight....
wish that they could stay longer.
cannot wait for tomolo..but also cannot bare to see them go off.. T.T
but onli can hoope they remember us nice the end of the year.
soo let see wat going to happen..but i hope we will be able to have a meaningful last time ..

after tis much get ready liao CC swimming competion is coming..TIME TO MAKE WAVES!!!...
then muz get much stronger state nw is SHIT!!!....
we muz get my six pack body shape....GAMBATEH KUDASAI!!!!!!^.^
i hope by the end of the year..i be much muscular in a nice way..not till go crazy...XD
thats all...

signing off

2:38 AM


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